Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is my new novel,

Paper Alice,

published by
Pan Macmillan Australia, coming out in June.
It's a mystery:

'It was in the Metro section of the Saturday paper - one of those "what people are wearing in the street"-type segments, featuring a photo of the person and a paragraph underneath describing what she (it was always a girl) had chosen to put on that day. There I was, Alice McBean, looking like the typical uni student. Fair hair springing around my face, sunnies stretched across wide cheekbones, smiling my having-a-good-time smile for the camera. Except it wasn't me.'

The original inspiration for Paper Alice came from just this - seeing a photo of 'myself' in the paper, that on close inspection wasn't actually me. My 'twin' was actually a Polish woman who was holidaying in Sydney ...
And guess what? Paper Alice is now being translated into Polish!!

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