Monday, November 14, 2011

The Ghost at the Point - my new junior novel ...

My novel for readers 8+, coming out in June is has come out!

The Ghost at the Point

Set in 1931 on a wild, storm-swept island (actually Kangaroo Island), The Ghost at the Point is a ripping yarn of shipwrecks, villainy, treasure and survival.

Dorrie is hiding out, all on her own, and then a ghost starts appearing ...

For upper primary-aged readers, to be published by Walker Books.

ps  Sales have already been strong, and here is part of a lovely advance review that has appeared in Junior Bookseller and Publisher:

While the plot is fast-paced and interesting, it is the realistic and affectionate descriptions of Dorrie's life, family and friends that are the true highlight of The Ghost at the Point. The 1930s setting offers Dorrie the freedom that most children won't dream of today, and as such provides the perfect backdrop for this feel-good adventure, which will suit children aged eight years and up. With villains, some unlikely heroes and buried treasure, this chapter book is built around an old mystery and a new one where good triumphs most emphatically over evil.


Unknown said...

Hello! I'm amateur writer from Poland and I already have finished reading yor book 'Paper Alice' and I think that it's realy good. I hope that more of yor books can be translate to polish language. I'm sorry if my english isn't really good. I love this book and I want more! I think this book include an idea for the next one - Alice and her new 'sister' have a lot of fun together, i think. Alice said that it was a long story and I belive that you can write this story.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kinga - glad you enjoyed it! If I get more lovely comments like yours from Poland I might think about a sequel ... !

Unknown said...

Thank you!
I'm really excited that somebody like you - a proffesinal writer think seriously about my idea - that yuo read it :). I'm really busy now, because I'm writing my story, or maybe better I say, my stories. Please, start writiang a sequel. In Poland are a lot of teenagers who really want to read it but they didn't find this blog or didn't want to write a comment. I'm really sorry about my English again.

Unknown said...

Your English is really very good - certainly much better than my Polish!:)
Keep writing those stories!

Unknown said...

This is Kinga again! I want to know why you aren't writing anything on this blog. If it isn't any interesting news to write you can write here sometimes some short stories. And I have one question... Can I send you some of my texts? Please, if I can, give me e.g. an email where I can send it. It can be something incredible for me if somebody like you review my texts. There are links to my blogs... unfortunately all in polish, but maybe Google Translate isn't as bad as it seems.
There aren't a lot of posts because two of those blogs (notatniki poetki) I create at holidays and when school started I didn't had enough time, but I will write there again in this holiday and the third blog (Dziesiątka) I create some time ago and I couldn't write more posts yet.

Unknown said...

Hi again!
I'm afraid the reason I'm not doing a lot of blogging is the same reason I can't really review your texts - time! :( (I get asked to look at other writer's work a lot) I'm working as a copywriter as well as trying to get on with another book. I'd like to look at some of your work - no more than a page or two I'm afraid! - but the other problem is translation - Google translations pretty bad!! Anyway, am happy to give it a try if you send a couple of pages to So pleased to see how creative you are!